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Lube is all around, if you’re willing to look for it. We “lube” our creaky joints and doors. We lube our mahogany furniture to stay shiny, our roots to stay healthy, and our gears to keep turning. We even reserve a sacred sploosh of pasta water to lube up our penne alla vodka. So why wouldn’t the same go for our nethers? And not just for folks experiencing vaginal dryness, but for any folks like me who want to ride a dick like a waterslide.   

I’ve clocked what works for me over the years (ear stuff? sure; high-pitched voices? nope) both with partners, and on my own. I’ve made the horny playlists. I’ve juggled the cock rings. I even tested out a vibrator that gives you biofeedback on your orgasms. And as I look at the Now That’s What I Call Music! Orgasms roundup of my best solo and partnered climaxes from the past decade-ish of my sex life, they usually have one thing in common: lubrication. 

USDA Certified Organic Tinctures and salves

I’ve used coconut oil, Maude’s travel-sized lube (a vacation must), and Überlube, which boasts some 30,500 loyal Amazon reviews. I’ve been the Goldilocks of lube, but I had yet to try the CBD lube from Foria, which is kiiinda a big deal in the sexual wellness industry; If you Google “CBD lubes” or “sex oil,” Foria’s amber vial of Awaken Arousal Oil will reign supreme in countless articles.

On the surface, it checked all of my boxes: Awaken Arousal Oil is vegan, and free of alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients, dyes, and…

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