‘I was using all the time’: One man’s experience with cannabis and psychosisPosted by On

Before he developed psychosis in his early 20s, Ilyas Khamis says his cannabis use had become a “full-blown addiction.”

By the end of Grades 10 and 11, he was smoking marijuana every day, a habit that continued into his studies at the University of Ottawa.

“I was using all the time and I couldn’t wake up and go to class,” he told CTVNews.ca. “It was every day, multiple times a day, as much as I could afford to.”

He’d experienced his first bout of hallucinations when he smoked a joint at age 13, what he now considers “foreshadowing” of later episodes. At university, mood changes and worsening depression, a condition he’d already dealt with for much of his life, became confounded by other symptoms. He experienced what is known as “delusions of reference,” when a neutral event or coincidence is believed to have personal…

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