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Ice cream cake strain

Ice Cream Cake strain is a rare Indica hybrid it’s a cross between Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake. With 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. This strain is ideal for experienced tokers with a THC of 20 to 25% and virtually no CBD.

You can expect an awesome delicious scent from the buds to create a cheesy, creamy vanilla-like scent. Ice cream cake strain delivers a variety of delicious aromas and flavors, like cake, sugar, earthy, and vanilla wafers.

Providing a highly calming, stress relieving high it improves your mood, which in turn relaxes your entire body. Helping you getting a good night sleep.

Strain Effects

This is a dominant Indica strain, and users should expect a mild head buzz. It is known to give the user a profoundly calming and lifting of the body.  Into a sleeping lock that can lead you to a fantastic night’s sleep.  Ice cream cake strain is also known to alleviate nausea and increase appetite.

Ideal for night use, I don’t recommend it for daytime use. Particularly if you have a checklist of things to do.

Anxiety, anger or even fear should decrease. Rather, you’re in a better overall space with feelings of joy, euphoria and hope. Daily life problems won’t seem like a big deal anymore.

Ice Cream Cake strain has a large amount of THC, you don’t have to crash immediately. Be prepared to lie down at the end of your high and get a good night sleep.

For Medical Marijuana Use

The Ice Cream Cake strain is preferred by those looking for a medical marijuana strain. Especially one that is particularly useful to treat substantial body, joint and arthritic pain. This strain can alleviate menstrual cramps that allow women to go about their daily work and chores.

With this dominant Indica strain, people who deal with anxiety, depression and stress will find the necessary relief.

Ice Cream Cake Strain is great for patients that deal with insomnia or other sleep disorders. In addition to allowing users to sleep, the properties of this strain also allow you to sleep for hours.

Side Effects

Dry eyes and a dry cotton mouth are side effects that are most commonly reported.  Keep plenty of water or fluids handy but please no alcohol.

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Aroma & Appearance

Ice Cream Cake has a quite delicious sweet cheesy scent and a delicate nutty taste. Which lasts long after the final puff has been completed.  When you grind your bud’s a unique sweet smell is released. There is none of the classic skunk like smell you find with traditional strains.

Covered with lots of buds which contain large amounts of fresh trichomes. The buds are a light green color, with purple highlights. Tightly packed orange hairs surround the tightly packed small round shaped forest green buds.


Ice cream cake strain is a 70% Indica its ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation. That hits a medium-high, floral height only. With forest green leaves, which gradually turn into a purple hew. This strain has reasonable flowering time of between 60–70 days. Growing into a medium to tall height with a broad width.

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