Illinois should mix marijuana and gambling to maximize profits: ‘High, from Chicago’s casino!’Posted by On

It’s nice to see Illinois, the state the word “corruption” visits when it wants to unwind and not feel like it’s being judged, pursue a dream of fiscal solvency by leveraging two historically incorruptible businesses: gambling and selling weed.

State legislators have voted to legalize marijuana starting in January and also approved a gambling expansion bill that will give Illinois more casinos, including one in Chicago. The gambling bill legalizes sports betting, which is something that has never been a problem in the Chicago area. (You’re not allowed to reference the 1919 Chicago White Sox because the statute of limitations has passed. That’s not my rule — it’s in the Constitution.)

Gov. J.B. “Roll That Spliff, Roll Those Dice” Pritzker is expected to sign the bills into law.

Clearly, this is all good news for Illinoisans and no reasonable…

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