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IncrEdibles 300 mg Fruit Chews

Hello Friends,

They were out of our usual Wana Brand gummies at the dispensary, which was a perfect opportunity to try these gummies made by IncrEdibles.  You can find more information at their website, .

Per the Website, “Made with sustainable oil, gluten free ingredients, and organic fruit juice; our #RastaChews are a must-try! Green Apple, Lemon, and Cherry featuring natural fruit juice! Available in Indica, Sativa, and original.”

The package is an effective child-resistant plastic container.  I say effective because it took me a few minutes to get it open LOL.  The gummies come in a re-sealable plastic bag.  The package is 300 mg. and contains 30 ten milligram pieces.

I tried these gummies on a full stomach.  The taste is rather sour and a bit like medicine, but the medicine taste is not overwhelming on the sour.  Since I have a high tolerance, I tried a 30 milligram dose, which is three pieces.  They do dissolve in your mouth.  There is a slight aftertaste, and I experienced the “munchies” rather quickly.  The euphoria began about 30 minutes after consuming them.  The high is pleasant, and I hardly notice it.  The pain in my foot shows marked improvement.  The duration of the effects was about 4 hours at a 30 mg dose.  I did not eat during this time, although I did have the “munchies” the whole time.

The package retails on the medicine side at $24.00 for the 30 pieces.  I was able to get them on sale for 25% off,  so they were rather affordable.  I bought a supply to take on a retreat with me, since cannabis smoking or vaping is not allowed where we are going.  These gummies are perfect for the on-the-go patient, once you get them out of their packaging.  The ten milligram piece is perfect for dosing.  I recommend to start out with one gummy and see how your body reacts.

The company also makes a 100 milligram package which is available on the recreational side in Colorado but I don’t know the price of them.

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Author Info:

Ed Sanders is a medical cannabis patient on the Colorado State registry since 2007 and is an advocate for medical cannabis to this day.

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