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Apex Labs CBD recently announced its entrance into a new frontier in delivery methods of cannabinoids—intravenous (IV) therapy—by pioneering a first-of-its-kind solution with patent-pending technology, fit for IV use.

The key to enabling the use of cannabinoids via IV treatment is reducing the size of the CBD molecule, which currently limits the number of viable delivery formations.

The team behind Apex Labs CBD reduced the size of the CBD molecule down to a picometer to make it both water-soluble and small enough to pass through a sterile filter, making it safe for IV use. Developers have been tinkering with new ways to reduce the CBD molecule to nanoparticles, aiding absorption, but Apex Labs CBD is paring it further down in size. And it’s small: a picometer is one trillionth of a meter.

IV treatment is as safe as any other delivery method in the sense that it’s highly standardized. In addition, people new to cannabinoids who prefer a clinical setting versus smoking flower matter have a new option.

The first-of-its-kind sterile CBD solution can bring the same benefits of CBD and hemp sphere to IV therapy clinics across the country and complement a variety of functional or regenerative treatments that are already provided.

Pico IV offers the opportunity to supplement these treatments with the unique benefits of CBD, allowing IV Therapy to create custom protocols for their…

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