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These pictures show the devastation caused to a gangster film actor’s home when a cannabis farm inside caught fire .

Former doorman Francis ‘Franny’ Bennett tried to load plants into a pickup truck while firefighters tackled the blaze .

But the third time he returned to salvage what he could of the crop, police were waiting to arrest him at the scene.

Francis ‘Franny’ Bennett, the star of Shooters, a Channel 4 film

Bennett shot to fame in Shooters, a gritty Channel 4 film about Liverpool’s underworld, which became a cult hit.

Photographs from inside the 46-year-old’s house in Dorchester Park, Prenton, Wirral reveal the effects of the fire.


Scorched plants, melted plastic and a gutted ventilation system can all be seen on the first floor of his home.

The cannabis farm which caught fire in the Dorchester Park, Prenton home of Francis…

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