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International Driving License

International Drivers License

International Drivers License

Don’t travel with your IDP

International Driving License

International Drivers License

Don’t Leave the UK without IDP – International Driving Permit

UNITED KINGDOM, September 30, 2022 / — Hopefully, none of us have to interact with police officers in a foreign country. Traffic fines for foreign drivers are huge – and biased against Foreigners.

In Europe, tickets range from a painful 85 pounds (100 euros) to a vacation-ruining 510 pounds (600 euros) – or more. Prison time is even a real possibility.

Foreign traffic cops are uncomfortable speaking English or may not speak English at all. This volatile situation can quickly escalate – with unpleasant consequences.

Legislators and investigators were shocked to learn that not a single victim of traffic fatalities had a current and legal driver’s license. Because of this, politicians and government officials were pressured to enact stringent regulations. For this reason, the government has been compelled to provide individuals with avenues for learning the basics of driving. In this dire situation, having an International Driving License might literally save lives.

Why IDP?
An International Driver’s License is a Translation of your License that is legally allowed for the operation of a motor vehicle in any country. The United Kingdom is one of…

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International Drivers LicenseInternational Driving LicenseInternational License

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