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Interview with Delaware Top Medical Marijuana Doctor Matthew Roman of Nature’s Way Medicine

Hey Stoners! Welcome to The Johno Show I’m your weedtuber host Jonathan. It’s Wednesday February 1st 2017 and in this week’s interview/opinion weed videos section I sit down with Dr. Matthew Roman, President of Nature’s Way Medicine.

Dr. Roman studied neuroscience and chemistry in his undergraduate at Franklin & Marshall College. He obtained his MD at Jagiellonian University in Poland. He has been an outspoken advocate of medical marijuana from early in his career and then a little over a year ago opened Nature’s Way Medicine, which has now grown to three locations.

Nature’s Way Medicine is a medical clinic integrating primary care and medical marijuana while networking and educating to accelerate political reform, public understanding, safe healthcare practices, and interdisciplinary teamwork for the primary goal of helping sick patients receive the medical marijuana they need and optimizing research to uncover cannabinoid-class pharmaceuticals with improved therapeutic accuracy.

Dr. Roman communicates directly with state officials to clarify regulations and assessing policies. He has adapted his practice to state protocols closely and maintains practices that support a reputable company profile.


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3 Comments on Interview with Delaware Top Medical Marijuana Doctor Matthew Roman of Nature’s Way Medicine

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My wife Gina has cancer and I'm looking for help finding the right extract to treat her. Thanks for being there. - Arthur Livermore

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How long have you been doing this show?

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Very informative show! Thanks for posting it!

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