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Is Cannabis Safe For Pets

Is cannabis safe for pets? Not a good idea! As medicinal cannabis becomes more popular around the world. A rising number of pet owners are seeking advice from veterinarians. About the prospect of using cannabinoids to assist their four-legged companions.

According to statistics, most owners are looking to treat their pets for ailments such as. Inflammation, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Can CBD Help Your Pet?

The greatest number of research studies on the subject has been done on dogs and cats.  What has been found so far is that after four weeks of taking 2mg of CBD per kilo of body weight twice a day. Found that dogs with osteoarthritis demonstrated greater mobility and decreased pain-related behaviors.

When compared to dogs who were given a placebo, CBD-treated canines saw a 33% reduction in seizures. This might sound as very promising results treatments are only considered beneficial if. They result in a 50% reduction in seizures, according to the study’s.

Side Effects & Research Studies Results

The amount of research on cannabis use in pets is very limited. And a very small number of studies thus far undertaken have yielded no convincing results. A recent research study looked into the effects of providing various marijuana products to dogs.

When compared to humans, dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains. Which means the effects of cannabis are more severe and more lethal. Toxicity in cats and dogs can be caused by a small amount of cannabis.

Surprisingly, animals given an oil containing both CBD and THC. Had slightly greater negative side effects than those given only THC. While the explanation for this is unknown. The study authors speculate that CBD may potentially amplify the effects of THC in some species. Despite the fact that the opposite is commonly observed in humans.

Final Thoughts on What a Pet Owner Should Do

There is no established safety threshold of exposure. Because a small amount of cannabis may impact one pet more than another. Differences in toxicity can be caused by a variety of factors, including age, health status, and body size.

Overall, it’s clear that we still don’t fully understand how cannabis affects pets. So for now it is advisable to keep your weed away from your fury friends. Consult with your¬†¬†veterinarian before treating any animals with cannabis-based treatments.

CBD appears to be safe and well-tolerated by pets, but is cannabis safe or pets right now our conclusion is No!


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