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New customers often don’t believe CBD oil has all the positive effects many fans claim it has. Some people have even claimed CBD is no better than a placebo. In other words, just because people believe CBD will work, it may have an effect. These CBD critics believe CBD’s “benefits” are psychological rather than physiological.

Since CBD has become increasingly prevalent in the health food market, more researchers have begun looking into CBD’s placebo potential. According to preliminary trials, CBD doesn’t seem to be the same as a sugar pill.

Does CBD Work Better Than A Placebo?

Of the many tests examining CBD versus placebos, a test out of Syracuse University took the most direct approach. In this trial, researchers applied heat to a group of young adults and gave them either CBD or a placebo. To control these findings, researchers lied to a few patients and told them they were taking a placebo or CBD when they were getting the other substance. Scientists then assessed multiple layers of pain processing in each study participant.

Interestingly, researchers concluded that CBD had valid pharmacological effects on pain. While this doesn’t mean the power of suggestion didn’t influence the pain response, scientists also noted that CBD has unique anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, Syracuse professors couldn’t say CBD oil is 100 percent placebo.

Many other trials seem to back up Syracuse University’s findings. For instance,…

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