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For contemporary customers, hemp flowers are virtually synonymous with CBD oil. However, for most of human history, cultivators didn’t care too much about the cannabinoids in hemp flowers. Indeed, most archeological researchsuggests our ancestors only grew hemp for “practical” purposes like making textiles.

Given the new relaxed laws on growing hemp flowers and the huge demand for CBD oil, countless US farmers are now growing hemp specifically for CBD. However, that doesn’t mean hemp doesn’t have industrial uses, nor does it mean every hemp farmer grows this crop for CBD extraction.

In an ideal world, only people who grow hemp specifically for CBD would be manufacturing CBD products. Unfortunately, since there’s a lot of “green” to be made in the CBD market, some farmers have been selling inferior “industrial hemp” as “high-CBD hemp.” To spot the best CBD products, customers should know the key differences between these types of hemp flowers.

What Do Customers Need to Know About Industrial vs. CBD Hemp?

From paper and concrete to biofuel and textiles, hemp has many fascinating use cases. However, if farmers grow their hemp crop for industrial purposes, they will likely sacrifice their plants’ total CBD percentage. Also, industrial hemp could have higher traces of heavy metals, pesticides, and insecticides versus CBD hemp grown for human consumption.

 CBD isn’t a critical concern in industrial hemp cultivation. Instead, most industrial hemp…

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