“It comes back to reefer madness,” Advocates say medical marijuana law over traffic stops invade privacyPosted by On

OKLAHOMA CITY – A new legal battle over medical marijuana laws could be brewing as some advocates said it could be an invasion of privacy.

Senate Bill 1030 was signed into law in May.

Sen. Lonnie Paxton, R-Tuttle was one of the bill authors and told News 4 that it was requested by the Oklahoma Municipal League. It primarily focuses on zoning rules, however there is a provision over traffic stops and what happens if a medical marijuana patient does not have their card on them.

“Before Senate Bill 1030, they could either get fined or actually be arrested and put in jail for the weekend,” Paxton said. “So, what Senate Bill 1030 does is it clears all that up and says that, if it’s an…

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