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Heartbreak Island host Mark Dye says five years of hosting NewstalkZB hardened him to criticism. He set up a medicinal cannabis company after talkback callers told him they needed relief for family members.

1 Season 2 of Heartbreak Island is on now. In what ways is it different to the first season?

The first season’s contestants only knew they were going to an island, the goal was to find love and there was money up for grabs, but they had no clue how that process worked. In the second season there’s been some strategy, although there are too many moving pieces to become a Heartbreak champion.

2 What was your favourite moment in the first season?

When Ruby eliminated Kristian in episode 4; just because we didn’t see it coming. Eliminations are fun to watch. It’s probably sick but I enjoy it. People think the producers manipulate people and ply them with alcohol. That doesn’t…

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