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Plus, the one question she really didn’t want me to ask her.

Jennifer Weiner

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Jennifer Weiner / Photograph by Stevie Chris

Nearly 20 years after her bestselling novel In Her Shoes became a big box office success, Queen Village author Jennifer Weiner is back with a new book and already hard at work on yet another.

My full name is … Jennifer Agnes Weiner. The “Agnes” comes from an Italian movie my parents saw when my mom was pregnant, and there was a character named Agnesia who was a prostitute. I wouldn’t have minded Agnesia. But Agnes? Worst middle name ever. Best origin story.

When I was a kid, other kids called me … all sorts of things, with a last name like Weiner.

I was born in … Louisiana, on an Army base. I grew up in a bedroom community of Hartford, Connecticut, where everybody had a swimming pool. And I came to Philly in 1994 to work at the Inquirer. I wanted to be a writer but realized nobody would pay me to be a debut novelist, so journalism was it.

In those days, the Inquirer was … winning Pulitzers every year. They had bureaus in every big city around the world. This was all before the internet happened, of course. I think journalists are famous for talking about the places they work by saying things like, “Kid, you shoulda been here 20 years ago.” And yeah, it’s like that. There…

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