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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A superior court judge has ordered the state to end its ban on the sale of vaping products for medical marijuana patients. 

Starting next Tuesday, medical marijuana patients might be able to get the products they rely on if the CCC agrees with the ruling. The medical marijuana portion of the state’s vaping ban may be lifted next week by court order unless the Cannabis Control Commission denies the ruling.  

Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins has ordered an end to the ban on November 12. He said Governor Charlie Baker’s emergency regulations banning the sale of all vaping products “are very likely invalid,” and does not relate to medical marijuana patients. 

The original vaping ban was ordered in September and runs through January 25. INSA in Easthampton is happy to see things moving in a different direction. 

“I think this is a great step forward for our patients to have access to the products they have relied on,” Wilkins. 

Since the vaping ban began, INSA officials say they have lost a little bit of revenue, but they hope in the next coming months that they will start to regain the business that they lost. 

“A lot of people have opted to use other products when the ban was in place so I think now people are going to be able to go back to the products that they enjoy using that are more discrete and fast-acting and more effective for them,” said Mark Zatyrka. 

Zatyrka told 22News that he hasn’t seen anyone get sick from their products, but a third vaping-related death has been confirmed by the CCC in Massachusetts. 

The CCC will meet on Thursday before the ban is to be lifted. A spokeswoman for the CCC said the agency is reviewing the ruling. 

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