Jury Finds International Church Cannabis Church Founder Guilty in 2017 4/20 Party CasePosted by On

On February 1, at the end of a four-day trial and after almost two years of legal battles, International Church of Cannabis co-founder Steve Berke was found guilty of public pot consumption in connection with a 4/20 party at the Denver church in 2017. He was fined $50 for public pot use and violating the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

In an ongoing fight over the definitions of private and public, the Denver City Attorney’s Office won this round, but the battle isn’t over. Church co-founders Lee Molloy and Briley Hale are scheduled for trial on the same charges on February 12. “Hopefully the city attorney got their trophy and dropped the case against Briley and Lee,” Berke said after the verdict came in. “They had to double down on this and fight it all the way, though.”

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And they weren’t the only ones fighting. After Berke was pronounced guilty, a juror approached his…

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