Kanye West says Harriet Tubman didn't free slaves, all parents should get $1M, and marijuana should be freePosted by On

Kanye West held a campaign rally Sunday, and his remarks included some inflammatory claims about abolitionist Harriet Tubman and a bizarre proposal to help families so fewer people choose abortion, according to the Associated Press.

West is supposedly running for president, although he has qualified for the ballot in only one state, Oklahoma, so far. Sunday’s campaign rally was in South Carolina, where he’s seeking the 10,000 required signatures needed to get on the ballot in the state. He has until noon on July 20.

The rapper is attempting to run as an independent, although his alliance with President Donald Trump and his views on religion and abortion make him somewhat of a conservative-leaning candidate. For example, West has been aggressively critical of Planned Parenthood, although he believes abortion should be legal.

At the same time, West advocated for an outlandish policy to help families support children — a policy that would not be mistaken as conservative in nature.

“Everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars,” West said, according to AP. This plan was reportedly referred to as “Plan A,” a play off Plan B, the emergency contraceptive pill.

During his discussion about abortion, he tearfully said his mother considered aborting him, and that he even…

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