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With days getting hotter and calendars filling up, everyone is looking for the best way to unwind. Goodleaf’s THC-free, CBD-infused sparkling water will leave you refreshed and balanced without any intoxicating effects.

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Research has shown that more and more young people are looking for alcohol-free beverage alternatives, especially as they become more health-conscious and develop a greater focus on wellness and mental well-being.

Along with the trend towards moderation in alcohol consumption comes a global interest in the benefits of THC-free CBD. There is a healthy and delicious homegrown solution for those who prefer to abstain completely or occasionally from non-alcoholic beverages while remaining true to their youth, vibe, and personal preferences.

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In his 2022 thesis, Markus Filter notes that this shift can be credited to “health-consciousness and a greater focus on wellness and mental well-being, particularly among Generation Y consumers.”

Lulie Halstead, CEO of the global market research and strategy firm Wine Intelligence, told people at the Nedbank Vinpro Information Day in January 2022 that Millennials and Gen Z South Africans are driving the trend toward drinking less.

Add those segments of the population together, and that’s a lot of people looking for a great-tasting alternative.

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Filter notes that Gen Y consumers “place importance on…

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