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Key Lime Pie strain is a 75% Indica cannabis hybrid and a 25% Sativa strain. This indica hybrid strain is a variant of the increasingly common strain of Girl Scout Cookies and boasts a favorable THC level of 19 to 22%.

Key Lime Pie strain is a soothing Indica cannabis strain. Helping relieve ailments such as anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, migraines and chronic pain.

Smoking this marijuana strain gives you a heavy feeling packing a powerful punch. Later accompanied by a smooth, lightheaded sensation. At first you are couch-locked and somewhat drowsy, but eventually become creative, focused, and clear thinking.

Aromas and Flavors

Key Lime Pies fragrances and aromas are like you opened a box straight from the bakery.  You will notice tones of chocolate, mint and slight candy flavors. The key lime citrus flavours follow through after you exhale.

This strain is the smoke of choice for dry grass vaping. Key lime pie with its cool, sweet and slightly pungent terpenes, is ideal for cannabis connoisseurs.

Medical Marijuana Benefits

Key lime pie strain has some powerful medical marijuana benefits.  This strain of marijuana is also appreciated by knowledgeable medical cannabis users who are mentally unbalanced.

People with PTSD and depression seem to love this strain as it makes them think more clearly. It also calms the nerves, smoked 1 hour before bedtime it will help with a peaceful and relaxing nights sleep.

Qualities of Key Lime Pie Strain

This marijuana strain is a real pleasure for cannabis aficionados known for its high trichome production yield and indica characteristics.

This marijuana strain is not a faint heart with up to 25 percent THC. This citrus-mint plant is extremely psychoactive, often triggering anxiety in those who are particularly susceptible to THC.

Beginner should tread carefully when first using Key Lime Pie strain. Don’t be tempted by its tricky sweet taste its relatively high levels of THC tend to overwhelm new patients.

Consumed in small doses in the beginning will be fine. Then as you learn your tolerance levels, you can increase your intake. The two most common adverse effects of use of Key Lime Pie strain are cotton mouth and dry eyes. However, it does not vary from other strains. It can induce a slight headache as well.

Growing Key Lime Pie

This cannabis strain is not a hybrid that is easy to grow. Beginners might have to try several times before reaching maximum perfection. The plant can reach full potential through the guidance of an experienced grower.

This strain can be grown both in greenhouse or outdoor environments. Whatever the grow conditions are, growers need to top their plant early. This will help your plant grow bushier with many lateral branches. By doing this it will allow your plant to grow into its natural wide and bushy self.

For and outdoor grow choose a location that gets lots of sunlight. Maintain a moist soil level with lots of air flow. By planting in late May you can expect buds to bloom in October. Expect twelve ounces of cannabis from each plant.

For indoor grow choose a superior soil for better tasting buds and explosive growth hydroponics. Key Lime Pie strain grows well indoors and will start flowering in around 9-10 weeks. It should yield about the same as an outdoor grow plant.

Final Words

This strain will lock you down to the couch mellowing you into a heavenly state. Eventually it will reverse and wake you up into a very joyful, creative and clear headed activity.

For the above reasons this strain is prescribed for people with high stress levels and general nervousness.

Late in the day or evening is the perfect time to use. Although it clears your head and allows you to think more clearly. Its main attribute is to help provide important sleep for those suffering from sleeping disorders.

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