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edsanderscroppedHello.  My name is Ed Sanders and I live in the legal state of Colorado.  In 2007 I was diagnosed with the bone disease avascular necrosis, which is where your bones don’t receive the proper blood flow and die.  It is a very painful condition, and I was put on morphine and oxycodone for the pain.  Eventually I was forced to have a hip replacement.  The morphine addiction and oxycodone use left me with complications to my kidneys and liver.  I wanted to wean off the morphine but my doctor was not supportive of using medical cannabis in this way.


I went over her head, after all, my care is my business, and signed up for the Colorado Medical Marijuana registry.  In Colorado, having your “red” card enables you to use any dispensary you wish, and that is what I did.  With a heavy dose of THC everyday, I was able to wean myself off of morphine and cut the oxycodone cold turkey.  My doctor is still negative about my cannabis use, but I feel better off of the opiates.


I was also diagnosed with dementia, which is held in check by the therapeutic use of cannabis I believe.  There is a substance in cannabis which dissolves the plaque in your brain which cause dementia.  I attribute my continued good mental health to cannabis as well.  I am a WebMaster and use my brain to create websites and to service the software needed.  I maintain a business website at .


I smoke about 2 ounces a month, and also take edible gummies at 12 mg. per piece to treat my pain and depression.  I don’t stay high all of the time, and have learned to use sativa and indica varieties to my benefit both during the day and for night time sleep.

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  • We have pretty much the same story, minus dementia. Major back surgery in 09 and Bipolar disorder. I’ve taken myself of my depression drugs and when able to eat medibles, I don’t have to take my morphine or oxycodone!!!! My anxiety meds as well as painkillers aren’t working like they should and just with either homemade medibles or a few hits, my pain is gone!!! I can sleep at night! Arkansas is dragging their feet and I’m trying to find a Dr in Arkansas that will prescribe cannabis foe me. Does anyone know of any Dr’s in Arkansas or where there is a dispensary. Let’s go people!!! I NEED help. Thank you so much. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  • That is Great, Ed! I have a similar story. I was put on morphine for chronic pain because of other problems such as acid reflux, and hep-c, a dr told me that morphine was my only choice. I hated it, but hated the pain. I was in Mossouri at that time and it is not legal. Well, they put me on this messed up contract and I came up positive for marijuana 2 times, and then had surgery so…. they took my morphine away…cold turkey. I thought I was going to DIE after more than 10 years of being on morphine. I moved to Illinois, where medical is legal. I found some CBD oil and it works just great. I like it much better than narcotics ansd I am working on getting my medical card…the doctors here in Illinois have no problem with me using medical, and are working with me to get the card. I

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