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Kief boxes are a very popular accessory to own if you smoke marijuana. Kief boxes have levels of  tiny mesh screens. This allows the tiny sticky crystal part of the marijuana to pass through to the bottom of the box where it lands for safe keeping.

What is Kief?

Kief is a common name for the sticky yellow, powder-like crystals found on marijuana buds. Kief contains a much higher concentration of psychoactive cannabinoids, such as THC, than that of the cannabis flowers from which it is derived. The quality of Kief depends on the quality of marijuana plant or strain of which it’s from.

Kief can be compressed and heated to create hash/hashish. Kief smoked in powder form will produce a much more intense high than regular marijuana. If smoked as hash the user will experience a more mellow body high.

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What to look for in a Kief box

Kief boxes are storage device that and also serve as a sifting system for gathering the powerful sticky crystals. Kief boxes come with a cover, inside the box is a multi-tray system. Which sifts the larger pieces to smaller pieces until the bottom where the yellow powdery like dust settles.

The size of the openings in the screens determines how much residual plant material make it through. Over shaking or rubbing the screen affects the quality of the Kief as this will produce a lower-quality, less intense final product. In turn sifting the same material over again will also weaken the potency and yield a more greener looking product.

Kief that is best produced from well dried, coarse marijuana buds, the more buds you use the better quality your Kief will be. Avoid using over-dried material as the taste is not very enjoyable and is less potent.

Make sure you have several different sizes of screen mesh. Gradually working down to a final fine screen and allowing you to use the right screens for the material you have on hand.

What to do with your Kief

Now that you have collected your Kief it should have a light yellow color. The more inferior the Kief the more green color it will have which means there is quite a bit of plant matter mixed in.

Sprinkle it! Sprinkling Kief is the reward for your hard work, put a generous pinch full in your bowl and increase the potency drastically. Freshly ground Kief sprinkled along the length of your joint will add extra potency to whatever strain you have rolled in your joint.

Making hash from your Kief is fairly easy. Hash is Kief that has been heated and pressurized which forms a soft green material. By applying pressure and heat the Kief changes its properties by breaking the resin glands. The more pressure that has been applied to the Kief the darker its color will be.

Kief is a must have if you want to smoke pure marijuana. Sifting of the marijuana eliminates all the impure substances leaving only the pure THC Kief to be enjoyed.

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