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Kief How To Use

Kief is the resinous trichomes of marijuana that are collected. They accumulate once cannabis is sifted in a mesh screen or sieve. Trichomes are also referred to as frosting. They are the sticky, aromatic resin that stick to your fingers when handling cannabis buds.

It is a highly potent form of concentrated cannabis. It looks like fine powder, but is actually small particles of crystallised, sticky trichomes.

Kief is an isolate of cannabis and has a much higher percentage of psychoactive cannabinoids or THC.

What are Trichomes?

Trichomes are the last part of the cannabis flower to develop. They usually develop after the plant reaches its maturity. These appear clear or slightly amber on the surface of flowers. then become cloudy and opaque when they are at their maximum chemical compound level. The color change signals to growers that the plant is ready for harvest.

The largest amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are produced and stored in these hair-like glands (especially the mushroom “cap” at the top). These Trichomes are collected from cannabis flowers when producing infusions and concentrates.

How To Collect Kief

By using a three-chambered grinder you can collect the kief. The grinder separates the dry, powdery trichomes from the dried cannabis buds.

A two-chamber grinder will also work well. The more potent kief will often stick to the inside of the grinder rim. Making it more difficult and time consuming trying to collect the lost product.

With a three- chamber grinder you will be collecting the most valuable kief with no unwanted plant matter. As well all the kief will be easily collected at the bottom of your grinder.

If your final product still has a tint of green it means that you still have plant matter that is mixed in. Good quality kief should have a slight off-white color.

How To Consume your Kief

Kief can be consumed in a number of ways. The strength will depend on the cannabis strain and your personal tolerance level.


Sprinkle a thin line over your flower buds when rolling a joint, for a smooth even burn.

In A Bong or Bowl:

If consuming cannabis with a pipe or a bong, you can also add a small amount on the top of your bowl. Be careful not to light the entire surface of the Kief but start at one side of the bowl.

Smoke by Itself:

Once lit kief burns quickly and will continue burning until it has finished. Meaning that it will burn itself completely if not smoked.

With your tobacco:

For those that enjoy tobacco, sprinkle over the inside of your cigarette add the tobacco and roll your splif.

In your Favorite Hot Beverage:

Another popular way of using Kief is to add a small quantity about 1/4 gram to any hot beverage.  The heat activates the cannabinoids which induces a high approximately 15-30 minutes after ingestion.


Cannabis is safer for your lungs because many harmful toxins are ingested when smoking. Additionally, studies suggest you probably absorb more THC than smoking when vaping. You can also add dry cannabis to your vape juice or concentrates.  Vaping results in a much quicker and stronger high.


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