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The Book Launching

Victor has written two books that are coming out soon before the end of the year.

This first book is titled “Human Insecurity To God’s Security” It focused and looked at life from the prism of an insecure young boy going

through adolescent life to becoming a bold young man challenging wrongs and standing up to Godly principles. All the steps of faith the young man took led him from victory to victory despite the unseeingly odds of life. This book is dedicated to young children who may be insecure and facing an uncertain future, and at the same time dedicated to couples who need to be there to give their children a solid foundation and upbringing.

The second book is titled “Gods Security to God’s Plans and Purpose” This second book is about God’s plans unveiling and the young man challenging wrongs and standing up to Godly principles. The book looked at life through the prism of doing business in a society of different cultures and backgrounds and facing the challenges of opposition, and acceptance. It is dedicated to young small business owners and young entrepreneurs.

My books are a must-read to strengthen us in our Christian journey that there are no odds bigger than our God and we will face tomorrow because our God lives. Currently, he is working on a new series of…

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