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These Seniors Medical Marijuana Patients have gotten together to find ways to subliment their medication needs, with future plans to build their groups grow.

Becoming an affiliates to earn cash,

Attn: Marijuana Business Owners Should Be Utilizing Customers Loyalty Systems !

Help us by implementing our mobile marketing system into your Business.
Customer Loyalty is The Foundation for Your Business !

It must remain your 1st priority!

The Philosophy Behind a Customer Loyalty Reward Program is Simple :

Repeat customers are rewarded and Businesses increase sales.

It’s a basic but powerful strategy!

Why ? Do Loyalty Programs and Mobile Work so well together?

Loyalty Program’s simply work better in the mobile environment, it’s easier for users to see their progress, which under the endowed progress effect.

Your mobile app is the ideal home for your potential loyalty program because the benefits work front to back.

This improves your customers commitment to continue shopping with your company, and earning those loyalty points.

It also makes it easier for a user to access theirĀ  loyalty account. Additionally you can leverage the effectiveness of push notifications, to notify customers when there are new rewards that they can achieve or special periods of timeĀ  where spending earns them Bonus Reward Points.

On the other end, offering a mobile – based loyalty program can have a Dramatic Effect on how many downloads your app receive.

It creates a customer – focused incentive feature to your app that well encourage more people to hit that download button.

While simultaneously attracting customers who may not have downloaded your app before, but want to now, because they are interested in your loyalty program.

The Boost in usage that a loyalty program can have on your mobile app can also increase it’s popularity.

The affects your apps ranking in the Apple app store, Google Play, and other similar app marketplace.

The higher the ranking, the more visibility your app is going to have, and the more eyes on your company’s natural discovery and added resource for you.

Not only are these types of customers more valuable, but they are also more active, in terms of Brand Promoting and Word – of – Mouth Business Creators. (Priceless)

Today’s Consumer desires brands that are willing to reward Long – Term Loyalty Through Such a program.

This, in turn, can also improve your app’s success, by encouraging more customers to download it and become active users of the apps features.

Ultimately, this will increase its number of downloads, Both natural and otherwise.




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