Lawmakers shouldn’t shut door on marijuana reform | 2019-02-01 | Indianapolis Business JournalPosted by On

Economic Analysis by Cecil Bohanon & Nick CurottIt looks like marijuana-reform legislation is off the radar screen of the 2019 Indiana General Assembly.

We bet the issue won’t go away for long, if for no other reason than adjacent states have recently changed their laws. Economic theory is clear on one point: Reforms of marijuana laws reduce the costs of marijuana use. Economists, therefore, predict its use will rise.

Just who increases their use of marijuana is the focus of much of the public relations optics from advocates on both sides. Pro-reform activists want us to believe the new users will be opioid addicts who ditch opioid prescriptions or heroin for marijuana. Anti-reformers want us to believe the new users will be vulnerable teenagers lured by increasingly available and now socially approved cannabis. Who is right?

Probably both. A 2018 study in the Journal of Health Economics concluded medical marijuana reduced…

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