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Recording artiste Lazimba is aiming to educate and entertain in his latest release titled Blazing, which was produced by Grillaras Productions and officially released on November 11.

“The song is advocating for the use of marijuana in a cultural and educational way so that it helps people to understand it better. Particularly in Germany, there are still a lot of people who link smoking marijuana to laziness and drug abuse. With this song I want to show people the benefits, especially medicinal-wise, that it can have for you when it is consumed in a conscious way,” the artiste explained.

While there are no plans for accompanying visuals to be shot and released, the single has still performed well on its own. The track is making its rounds among the artiste’s fans across the globe and is expected to make a heavy impact.

“My hope for this track is that it will reach a lot of people and affect them in a positive way by breaking down some old ways of thinking,” the artiste said.

Based in Germany for several years, the Jamaican artiste has been staying true to his roots and is spreading the reggae sound as far as he can reach.

“When I moved to Germany almost 15 years ago, there was a really big and active reggae scene, but it has changed a lot in the past years. At the moment, Afrobeats and dancehall are much more popular,” the artiste stated. However, he is still enjoying great success with his own sound.

“The reception to my music over here has been really good. People…

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