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Understanding the legal requirements for CBD use is crucial, especially with the rapidly changing landscape of cannabis legislation. In the United States, CBD laws are a complex mix of federal and state regulations. 

The legal age for CBD consumption is 18 in most states. Some states have set the legal age for CBD at 21. A few states have no specific age restrictions for CBD.

The year 2023 brings anticipation for potential changes in the legal age for CBD across different jurisdictions. As various states continue to refine their cannabis laws, it is essential for consumers and businesses alike to stay informed about these developments. This blog post will provide an overview of current CBD laws in the US, explain federal versus state regulations, discuss the importance of understanding legal requirements, explore how changing legislation impacts the CBD industry, and briefly touch upon the historical context of CBD legalization in America.

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Legal Age Requirement for Purchasing CBD in the US

In 2023, the legal age for purchasing CBD products varies across different states in the United States. Approximately 75% of states have set the legal age for CBD at 18 or 21. In states where the legal age for CBD is 21, it is often aligned with the legal drinking age. It is important to be aware of these age restrictions to ensure compliance with the…

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