Legal Cannabis May Not Lower Opioid Overdose Deaths After AllPosted by On

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A new study seems to deal a serious blow to one of the pro-cannabis movement’s talking points: the idea that the more medical cannabis is legalized, the fewer people will die from opioid overdoses. The findings suggest that there’s no real connection between the rate of opioid overdose deaths and a state’s medical cannabis laws, at least not anymore.

In 2014, a tantalizing study found that the annual opioid overdose rate was lower in states that had legalized medical marijuana than in states that hadn’t. The average difference was around 25 percent lower, and as the years went on, the gap got bigger (the time period the study looked at was from 1999 to 2010). The study has since been widely cited by pro-cannabis advocates as well as public health experts. And later studies, such as those looking at the amount of medical cannabis dispensaries in a state,…

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