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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It has now been six months since New Mexico has legalized recreational marijuana sales. From April to August, the state has seen over $40 million in sales.

The top three cities with the most sales include Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces, reaching between $3 million and $14 million.

Duke Rodriguez, president and CEO of Ultra Health in New Mexico says that their 40 stores across the state make up about 25% of that revenue. After only seeing about 30 licensees last year, this month alone there are now over a thousand which according to Rodriguez, has been beneficial to the economy.

“It’s created jobs its created opportunity it certainly has brought a lot of activity to rural New Mexico and that’s real impressive remember the urban areas always were going to benefit from it but now every small town village has seen a pretty nice gain.”

Duke Rodriguez, President and CEO of Ultra Health in New Mexico

However in Texas, where cannabis sales are still illegal, CBD stores have been seeing a decrease in sales. This is especially prominent in a city like El Paso where residents are nearby a state where it is legal. For Legacy Wellness CBD Co-Owner Edgar Legarreta, he expected this sort of decrease to happen knowing people would be attracted to the novelty of legal marijuana.

“They don’t have that experience of legal cannabis or recreational cannabis so a lot of people wanted to have that experience that went into this…

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