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Legal marijuana opens door to public health harms

Kudos to Sherry Greenfield for getting these two articles on the front page: ”Officials set to discuss recreational cannabis”  on Jan. 25 and “Public Hearing set for cannabis rules” on Jan. 27.

Unfortunately, once again, our valiant and fearless County Commissioners are relegated to the difficult task of finding appropriate “restrictions” to a very bad law. One that was passed by the voting citizens of Maryland making cannabis use legal, which became effective July 1, 2023. Our noble commissioners do not even support the legalization of marijuana! Good for them!  I wonder how many other Carroll County citizens also voted against the law!  I know I did. Cannabis legalization is a boon to big business, but many are paying with their health.

Here are some text quotes from The Epoch Times piece “The Overlooked Risks of Legalized Marijuana” from the Jan. 24-30 edition:

“The hazy narrative of harmless recreation masks darker truths now coming to light. Evidence is mounting that the push for recreational drug use has led to cannabis-related hospitalizations and links to mental health issues such as anxiety. depression, cannabis use disorder, and more.”

“Cannabis use disorder is marked by cravings and inability to quit despite life problems, according to a University of Maryland Review.”

“Cannabis use is leading to more emergency room visits, especially for 18-25-year olds.”

“Heavy Cannabis…

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