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WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — The use and sale of recreational marijuana will be legal in Delaware starting this weekend after a years-long debate at the state level. But the move comes with mixed feelings not just of Delawareans but also of the governor.

Delaware joins more than 20 states in the US in legalizing recreational marijuana.

While some we spoke with in Wilmington are for it, others feel it’s not the right move.

“Totally appropriate and about time,” Sean Gee said. I’m all for it.”

Gov. John Carney released a lengthy statement saying he’ll let two bills involving recreational marijuana become law without his signature.

“I’m all for it, thumbs up, again there’s other things I think as a nation or society community could focus on, put our more energy towards as opposed to marijuana,” Gee said.

On Sunday, recreational marijuana use will become legal for adults older than 21 through House Bill 1. House Bill 2 created state-led regulations and licensing for retail, cultivation and manufacturing.

Gov. Carney made it clear he’s still not in support of recreational use but says the focus now at the state level needs to go to other issues.

“There’s so many more important things we should be worrying about like guns and automatic weapons,” Mary Zimmerman said.

Wilmington grandmother Zimmerman says she’s still not 100% in agreement with recreational legalization.

“I think it’s good for recreation, I understand that,” she said. “But you never know. Just…

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