Legalising cannabis could result in extra one million young people using the drug with 100,000 addicted, CSJ study findsPosted by On

The poll claims legalisation would also increase the frequency of use. Of those aged 18-24 who said they had smoked cannabis before, over a third admitted they would smoke it more frequently if it was legalised.

Andy Cook, Chief Executive of the CSJ, said: “Advocates of cannabis legalisation or decriminalisation should think through the implications of their views. They would open the floodgates to hundreds of thousands of new users, many of whom will be young and vulnerable, and so more prone to damaging physical and mental damage.

“Managing a cannabis free-for-all would also prove a nightmare in which the drug would become even more widely available and young children would be sucked into the mayhem.

“We should not be disheartened in the effort to curb illegal drug abuse. For…

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