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In the recent times, there have been calls from different quarters on the need to legalize the use of Marijuana in Nigeria. This legal opinion considers the mischief behind the laws proscribing the production, possession, sale and use of Marijuana and thereafter considers the benefits of legalizing Marijuana in Nigeria.



Classified as an illicit drug in many countries, marijuana is outlawed by many governments. In Nigeria, it is often referred to as Indian hemp. Cannabis Sativa, which has enjoyed use as fibre, seed and seed oils, medicinal purposes and as a recreational drug traces its origin to Central and South Asia. The drug also has many other aliases: igbo, dope, ganja, sensi, kuma, morocco, eja, kpoli, weed, trees, etc. Though usually smoked, the plant can be soaked in alcoholic drinks, dubbed monkey-tail, and consumed mostly in the South South part of the…

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