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Lemon Haze Strain

Lemon Haze strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. The flavor of the Super Lemon Haze strain is best defined as lemon, citrus, and earthy when smoked or made into edible products.

When you take a deep breath you immediately note the lemony smell. It is the signature characteristic of the Lemon Haze strain. Lemon Haze is the ideal strain for fruit lovers, with a strong lemon tone and a subtle berry flavor aftertaste. With high limonene terepene levels present in this strain, it makes for a delicious smoking or vaping experience.

Strain Effects

Smoked during the day, Lemon Haze will provide you with an energetic and upbeat high. It’s a perfect strain for creativity and a productive and mainly focused mood! It is not advisable to use it immediately prior to bed, because of the highly stimulating consequences of this strain since it can be hard to sleep.

The strain is often characterized as giving the user an optimistic, euphoric, alert of well-being emotions. The length of these effects usually ranges from 2-3 hours, ultimately leading to a relaxed and physical body high. The THC percentage of this strain can reach 20% to 25%, which can contribute to paranoia and anxiety when inexperienced smokers consume in large amounts.

Medical Effects

People who use this strain approve its capacity to relieve pain and induce relaxation. If you are anxious, stressed, depressed or in pain, this strain is up to helping.

Lemon Haze can contribute in helping relieve pain, nausea and headaches. It is very likely to bring on the munchies helping those who suffer from appetite loss. This is mostly a strain for people with depression, chronic stress and anxiety. Great for boosting productivity and mood enhancer.

Best Grow Conditions

The best growing conditions for maximum yield for your Lemon Haze is indoors. You can grow Lemon Haze outside, but you won’t maximize your production unless you have the right mix of conditions. Indoors you can control the conditions much better, although this strain is more successfully grown when kept in warmer, sunnier areas.

This strain is extremely resistant to common bugs and molds, making it an easy plant for even beginners to grow. Lemon Haze has a fast flowering time compared to other marijuana strains. Lemon Haze grown in an indoor environment and can yield up to 15 ounces per square meter. Flowering usually takes about 7-9 weeks, after which the flowers should be ripe for picking.

Growing Lemon Haze is simple to grow when you apply basic gardening techniques and patience.

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Final Notes

Lemon Haze is for you if you are searching for a dominant sativa strain which gives you immediately motivation, energy, and happiness. The sweet taste gives a smooth draw and you can enjoy the uplifting effects for hours. Those who want to stop a fast pace or relax are better off avoiding this strain. But this is an ideal option for a revitalizing and starting your day.

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