Letter to the Editor: Delaware Democratic Socialists back marijuana legalization billsPosted by On

We, the Delaware Democratic Socialists of America, fully and wholeheartedly support Delaware’s House Bill 1 and House Bill 2 legislation, which will respectively legalize cannabis in Delaware and make it a taxed, regulated industry, like any other.

Cannabis prohibition in Delaware has proven immensely costly in terms of dollars, human potential and time better served focusing on actual crimes, and it has been especially costly to Delaware’s Black and Brown communities. We commend Rep. Ed Osienski, D-Newark, for his leadership on this issue for a number of years, and we look forward to working alongside him and many other hardworking legislators in Dover, including all of our members and endorsed nonmembers in the General Assembly, who have persisted in this hard work of change despite Gov. John Carney’s steadfast opposition. We hope that Gov. Carney will “wake up and smell the flowers,” realize that legal cannabis is an inevitability in Delaware and throughout the country, and have a change of heart from his current prohibitionist stance. However, failing that, we fully hope and expect our state legislature to have the courage to override his veto pen.

Cannabis is a drug considerably less harmful than the legal and regulated alcohol, a drug whose…

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