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One activist group is looking to put legalizing medical marijuana on the ballot and this isn’t their first attempt.

Herbal Wonder LLC employee Zack Thumann says he knows his way around the joint but despite his occupation, he’s not in support of seeing medical cannabis on the ballot.

“We support decriminalization as opposed to legalization because with decriminalization that opens up a lot more avenues for the common person to get their hands on the flower without having to maybe pay or go through excessive loopholes to get their hands on it,” said Thumann.

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana have a different opinion.

For several years now, the group has campaigned for cannabis policy reform with the goal to legalize the drug medicinally across the state.

Recently, they filed a ballot to put legalizing medical marijuana in the hands of voters come November 2024.

This new filing serves as the group’s third attempt as their efforts in 2022 and 2020 did not succeed.

The petition details from their website consist of two statutory measures: one to establish a doctor-patient system and regulation of the medical marijuana industry.

I reached out to Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana but they were not available.

While some people are against the group’s efforts, others are not.

Generation V is in support of putting medical cannabis on the ballot.

“It benefits many many people that it just hasn’t reached yet it helps with tons of different medical properties…

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