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“I don’t get high, it just enables me to live my life and live it well.”

These are the words of medicinal cannabis advocate Nichola Smith who was born with a rare Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that affects her joints, skin, internal organs and spine. Despite her ailments, Smith has good news.

“My doctor’s visits are way down. I’ve saved the Government probably heaps of money.”

Smith says medicinal cannabis has changed her life.

“People are stunned when they see the difference in me. The people in my life that were anti cannabis have completely changed their minds because they’ve seen my transformation.

“I’m back volunteering. I’m one of two medical liaisons who advocate for people to get access to legal medical cannabis.”

Medicinal cannabis came a step closer to being fully legal yesterday with proposals for regulations being released by the Minister of Health, David Clark.

“We are looking for views on how these products are prescribed,” Clark said. “The quality standards for…

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