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More than $87 million in funding through the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act is being distributed to counties and municipalities across the state, including St. Joseph County and Sturgis.

St. Joseph County is set to receive more than $1 million, part of a payment setup from the Marijuana Regulation Fund given out to 99 cities, 30 villages, 69 townships and 71 counties. For the state of Michigan’s 2023 fiscal year, this means each eligible municipality and county will receive more than $59,000 for every licensed retail store and microbusiness located within its jurisdiction.

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Revenue was collected from 737 licensees among the state’s cities, villages and townships during the 2023 fiscal year. Some of these municipalities host more than one licensed retail store and microbusiness.

For the 2023 state fiscal year, there was more than $290.3 million available for distribution from the Marijuana Regulation Fund.

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