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There is no doubt you might be curious when it comes to using marijuana. The most common question would be how long it takes for the weed to stay in your system.It could be because there is a chance a drug test will be done at work and you just used marijuana recently. In this blog, we will try to answer you on the expected timelines for marijuana to get out of your system.

First, you have to understand the THC levels are the ones that make a person high. This compound is also the one that makes the weed illegal. Since it is in high levels in marijuana, it will also be the one tested in your system. The process tends to take longer and also depends on a person. Sometimes it can start for longer or less in the body.

How long it stays in the blood

It is expected that the marijuana would stay the shortest in the blood. The THC chemical has to get into the blood stream for the high effects to occur. Whenever you smoke marijuana, the THC chemical gets into the blood through the lungs. When you ingest weed, then weed will get into your bloodstream through the stomach.

Once the THC chemical is in the blood, be sure that the active cannabinoids can make their way to the brain. This kicks off the euphoric sensations into your mind. Depending on the potency, the high can stay for several hours before it wears off.

It can take a day or two for the THC levels in blood to be removed completely. This is for those who used marijuana for single use. If you smoke multiple times a day, then it can take a week after the last time you smoked.

How long it stays in saliva

It is estimated that the time THC lasts in your saliva is the same as the time it spends in the bloodstream. This is because saliva is tied blood. It is the reason you can get the same results when you take a mouth swab drug test as compared to blood drug test.

The THC that gets into saliva might not always get into your blood, but rather stay in your saliva for a few days depending on how much you smoked. To get rid of it, you might have to spend time drinking a lot of water, brushing the teeth, and using mouthwash. Eating fatty food is also great when it comes to removing weed from saliva as THC easily bonds with the fat.

How long it stays in urine

For most drug tests, urine is often used as the benchmark to do the tests. We all know that the body uses urine as a way of removing toxins and other unwanted compounds from the body. THC will also find its way out of the system through urine. As much as that is the case, the process takes longer since THC will bond with fat in the body.

The amount of time depends on how often you smoke marijuana. Other factors that can affect the timeline include the metabolic rate, hydration, and your body mass index. For a one time use, it takes 5 to 8 days to remove marijuana from urine. Those who use it daily, you can expect marijuana in urine to test positive 50 days after you stopped smoking.


There you have it. Before you can visit marijuana dispensary in California for some weed, you need to understand how long it will last in your system. You do not want to fail your drug test at work as sometimes it means you will end up losing your job. If you have to use medical marijuana in California, make sure that your employee is notified and okay with it.

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