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ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, Louisiana- The first ever reported death from THC in the U.S. has been declared in Louisiana.

According to www.wpxi.com the Coroner of the uniquely named parish St. John The Baptist, is standing by their findings that indicate a woman died from a THC overdose (which would be considered the first in the country). THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the active ingredient in marijuana.

St. John the Baptist Coroner Dr. Christy Montegut said in his report released late last month that an unnamed 39-year-old woman died in February from a THC overdose, The Advocate reported.

“I’m thinking this lady must have vaped this THC oil and got a high level in her system and (it) made her stop breathing, like a respiratory failure, Montegut, who has served as coroner since 1988, told The…

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