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The road for medical marijuana in Louisiana has been a long one. The bill to legalize medical marijuana was passed over 4 years ago. Yet, we’re closing in on June of 2019 and patients still have yet to receive their much needed treatments. If you Google “Louisiana Medical Marijuana” you will see dozens of articles placing blame on why the process has been so long, tedious and complicated. But no matter why or how, the fact is that people are suffering because they haven’t received the treatments and medicines they need.

Now, when you mention “medical marijuana” so folks get the image of “Deadheads” in VW vans working the system so they can get a “legal high”. But, that is far from the truth. You can’t get “high” from the form of marijuana Louisiana has legalized. It has to be below a certain THC level and is only available in pill, oil or ointment forms. This drug is a make safer…

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