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Love Triangle strain is grown and developed by Best Budz dispensary of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Testing at from 25-27% THC, it is a potent cannabis strain.  Developed by a cross between Lotus Flower and The White.  As you can see the buds are green in color and smell like weed man.  Seriously, the smell is like traditional weed and I did not note any remarkable characteristics of the smell.

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The amount purchased was 14 grams @ $62.50.  The sale was $125/ounce.  Regularly sells 14 grams for $80.00.  I know that is cheap to some of you.  Colorado does a good job of keeping the costs of doing business low enough to benefit the patients.

Heavy Indica Effects

We ground some of the Love Triangle Strain nuggets in the grinder and smoked from a glass pipe.  We also filled the PAX-2 Vaporizer with some of the ground up weed.  Smoking from the pipe, we were buzzed after a couple of pipe hits.  A cough was in order.  The weed tastes good smoked.  I did not need to smoke much to feel the heavy indica effect of the body high.  The high lasts around 2 hours at the level I ingested.  The percentage of THC seems high and the dispensary assures me it’s at least 25%-27%.  My bud tender recommended it, knowing my history of pain.

On to vaping in the PAX-2 Vaporizer, I packed the chamber tight as recommended by the manufacturer.  The PAX takes some seconds to heat up.  This Love Triangle strain evokes an almost minty flavor in the vape, much different experience and a very pleasant surprise.  Smoked from the glass pipe is one thing.  Vaping is a much sweeter taste experience and I will be vaping the majority of the 14 grams I bought I believe.

I have to say Kudos to the Best Budz Grow Team,  people you don’t see necessarily but working in the background to bring high-quality cannabis to the patients.  I would recommend this strain for pain especially.  There are numerous conditions which may apply to this strain.  I describe it as a heavy indica, sweet tasting in the vape with a somewhat minty flavor.   While the smell is unremarkable, it does have a pungent odor.  I recommend for sleep aide as well as calming and relaxing pain relief.


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