Manitoba wants 'minor agents' to crack down on underage liquor and cannabis salesPosted by On

The province is looking at new ways to keep liquor and cannabis out of the hands of Manitoba’s youth – part of that may include hiring them to help with enforcement.

The province introduced new legislation that would allow the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) to hire what it called ‘minor agents.’

“With some children not in school and regular after-school activities disrupted, it is even more critical to ensure that age-restricted products like cannabis and liquor do not fall into the hands of young people,” Justice Minister Cliff Cullen said in a news release.

These underage agents, who would be under the age of 19, would try to purchase liquor and cannabis products, helping the LGCA make sure the stores are checking licences and following the restrictions on underage sales.

The underage agents are not the only means the province is using to crack down on enforcement, especially with more people opting for delivery options.

The province said this new legislation would create a new licence category for delivery companies to make sure they are not delivering to minors, young or intoxicated people.

This new licence would shift the responsibility and liability for the safe service and delivery of regulated products, such as liquor and cannabis, to the delivery companies instead of the licenced restaurant,…

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