Marijuana Can Be Harmful During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy, According To A New StudyPosted by On

Phoebe Dodge stated in a news release that size of newborns can indicate a child’s future development and health. The study showed that early marijuana use during pregnancy could affect the size of a baby. Dodge warns against women who smoke marijuana but may not realize they’re pregnant. The best recommendation would be to advise women to give up marijuana prior to getting pregnant.

According to March of Dimes, marijuana can interfere with your menstrual cycles and hormones needed to conceive. This can make it harder to conceive. THC, as well as other chemicals in marijuana can be passed on to your infant through breast milk.

The following is a list of UT Southwestern Medical CenterSome women turn to marijuana to treat symptoms like morning sickness, pains associated with pregnancy, or stress. Consult your doctor if you plan on becoming pregnant and use marijuana.

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