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Marijuana Flowers

The marijuana flower has to be dried and cured properly in order to bring out its full flavor and effects.

Marijuana that you smoke is made up of several small flowers, all tightly clustered into what is generally referred to as the “bud.”  There are multiple buds on the stem of a marijuana plant are called a cola.

Known as curing, that means you slowly dry your buds in a controlled setting. After which they are placed in a glass jar for a few weeks in order to allow certain naturally occurring processes to take place.

Drying conditions required

Drying marijuana is a process that takes approximately six to eight weeks on average. Even though some strains will benefit for several months of curing. It’s worth waiting, because it will not only deliver more powerful terpenes and flavors, but a more intense high.

It is absolutely critical that your humidity levels stay between 50 to 60%. Otherwise you risk the creation of mold and mildew to grow on your marijuana flower.

For the drying and treatment process, your drying room should be kept dark. Keeping the temperature around 18 to 21 ° C (65 °F to 70 °F) cooler than regular room temperature, with minimal or no light at all.

If you have a single plant then simple place your plant in one or several brown paper bag(s). The paper will allow enough oxygen to enter the bag without chocking the flowers. Close the bag and keep it in a dark closet, opening the bag every day for 20-30 minutes in order to recirculate the air inside. Do not over fill the bag as that will create more humidity and not allow proper air flow. Purchase a simple, relatively inexpensive hygrometer to measure moisture, to monitor the humidity levels.

What’s in your Marijuana Flower

Naturally dried marijuana flower require no processing. Compared to vaping-oil or liquid-concentrate products. Therefore, dried flowers maintain much of the original chemical properties unique to their individual strain.

Dried marijuana flowers are considered full spectrum and are an excellent choice for those who wish to maximize the benefits of the strain.

You will know that your plant is ready for curing when the stems break/split in two when they are folded. If they are bending without breaking your drying process is not finished.

The last step Curing

It should not be underestimated the need for this last step.  A proper curing procedure take time and patience and is critical in order to produce a smooth, tasteful, and powerful smoke.

Curing marijuana flowers will ultimately cause the plant to use up certain sugars, starches and excess nutrients that are still inside. This will give you enhance flavors, but also increase the product strength.

You will need an air-tight container to cure your buds. We have found that twist off glass jars work the best. Although a wood box or tin container will work but must be air tight.

Place the containers in a cool, dark closet or pantry. Open the container 2-3 times per day, this will eliminate excess moisture and will add fresh oxygen back inside.

After several weeks you should open the container less often (e.g. once every 3-4 days or even 1 time per week) the buds will continue curing. You will be able to smoke your buds after 2 to 4 weeks of curing.

But this is where your patience comes in if you wait and continue curing for 6 to 12 weeks further. You will increase the flavors and the potency of your flowers even more.


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