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Marijuana for anxiety

Research suggests that when marijuana for anxiety is consumed it can provide relief. Helping of anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety, bipolar disorder, social phobia, post traumatic stress disorder, general anxiety disorder, and depression.

What is Anxiety

Anxiety is a sense of fear or fear about what’s going to happen. A job interview or speech or the first day of college, could make most individuals feel afraid and nervous. If your feelings of anxiety have lasted for more than 6 months and are taking over your daily life. You might have an anxiety disorder.

It’s normal to worry about work related problems, an upcoming school exam, or a new relationship. Many such disturbances change the way an individual processes feelings and emotions. In turn they may also cause physical symptoms. Mild anxiety or fear can be confusing and troubling to individuals. While serious anxiety can impact life seriously every day.

In the United States 40 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. Women are more probable to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder than males, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Only 36,9% of people with an anxiety disorder, receive treatment.

How Can Marijuana help with Anxiety?

It is largely unknown whether or not marijuana helps anxiety. Evidence of the overall effectiveness of cannabis is mixed. Mostly because studies on the use of medical marijuana for anxiety are few and far between. Primarily because (of ones again) marijuana’s federally illegal status which prevents research.

Many studies that have investigated cannabis and its cannabinoids. Think it’s too early to say whether they can actually help with anxiety. So far the effects of cannabis on the treatment of anxiety are limited in studies. Including any beneficial THC or CBD amounts and cannabis strains.

CBD for Anxiety

There has been some information that CBD may be beneficial for a range of medical conditions. Currently there are pre-clinical evidence along with limited clinical evidence to suggest any real results.

The claim that CDB is an efficient treatment against depression and/or anxiety is not supported by any adequate scientific evidence. There have not been enough clinical trials to support any concrete evidence that CBD can successfully treat anxiety or depression.

There is a need for significantly more research studies to assess CBD as a future therapy for anxiety and depression.

THC for Anxiety

When you think of cannabis, THC is what first comes to peoples mind. It’s the compound that makes you “high.” THC (carries the psychoactive effects). CBD (non psychoactive effects often marketed as CBD oil) are the two primary components of marijuana. Both THC and CBD interact with receptors in our brains which regulate our mood. Because of this many believe that marijuana can help with anxiety disorders and depression.

It has been recognized that THC and CBD which are the 2 major weed components. They interact with brain structures that affect anxiety. With some individuals THC can decrease anxiety in some individuals with small doses. But with stronger doses, the risk of getting anxious reactions becomes greater.

There have been studies that indicate CBD has more overall and reliable anti-anxiety effects. The reasons why each of these substances affects anxiety is still not determined. Results so far seem to support the concept that “a greater percentage of THC to CBD is more likely to cause increased anxiety.


Be aware that while using medical marijuana for the benefits of anxiety, does not solve stress itself. While it can lead to emotions of calm and relaxation. The symptoms of cannabis may simply be masked rather than resolved. Ultimately, when marijuana is used less often, individuals remain anxious and stressed which makes them more likely to use even more.

Because results of marijuana’s hazards and rewards is mixed. Deciding whether or not to use medical cannabis is not easy choice. If you decide to use it. Consult a doctor to determine whether it is appropriate for you and your particular form of anxiety. Medical marijuana can help anxiety as much as it can make it worse. Be aware of what you purchase CBD seems to be more safe and efficient than THC.

There are many discussions about how marijuana helps medically. Some of the advantages are well-researched with significant supporting facts. Such as those for people living with nausea induced by chemotherapy, chronic physical pain and short-term use of various sclerosis. However, research does not fully support many other claims (such as anxiety and depression).


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