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Denver wholesale marijuana provider Sundance Gardens has issued a health recall for 100 batches of marijuana product because of potentially unsafe microbial levels.

An August 26 health notice from the state departments of Revenue and Public Health and Environment lists fourteen harvest batches of Sundance marijuana flower, shake and trim that are considered contaminated with yeast or mold, as well as an additional 86 harvest batches of plant product that state regulators have designated as potentially contaminated.

According to the DOR, the recalled harvest batches were produced between June 1 and July 17 of this year, and all of the recalled Sundance Gardens cannabis products have the same company retail marijuana cultivation license number on their package labeling: 403R-00109.

“Consumers who have these affected products in their possession should return them to the retail store from which they were purchased for proper disposal,” the health notice reads. “Consumers who experience adverse health effects from consuming the product should seek medical attention immediately and report the event to the store from which they purchased the product.”

This is the largest single marijuana recall in Colorado since last October, when Bonsai Cultivation — a wholesale grower for 144 dispensaries, eleven infused-product and extraction facilities and three other growing operations at the time — issued a recall over mold concerns. Over the last year, the DOR has issued at least eight different recalls, with the majority of them involving elevated microbial levels.

Sundance Gardens has not yet responded to our request for comment; see the recalled harvest batch numbers and find more information in the health notice below:

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