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The 2020 election in Montana will feature a vote on CI-118 and CI-190 which, if voted for, would legalize the use, possession and distribution of marijuana for recreational purposes for people 21 or older.

David Belsky, founder and CEO of FlowerHire, a staffing firm for the hemp and cannabis industries, said he thinks these measures are a step in the right direction for Montana, and that legalization will benefit everyone regardless of whether they’re users or not.

Belsky said there are major benefits to legalization, the first of which is job creation.

Not everyone in Montana is convinced of legalization’s proposed benefits, however.

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The Montana Chamber of Commerce recently put out a release announcing their opposition to CI-118 and 190 saying they will have an adverse effect on Montana’s workers.

“Legalizing recreational use of marijuana could have devastating effects on Montana’s strained workforce,” the release said. “ … Studies consistently show marijuana users…

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