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Kia ora! A nationwide poll overwhelmingly backs legalisation, poo-sniffing scientists reveal the nation’s drug capitals (except weed), police confirm they won’t be testing your saliva, and it’s cannabis award season, this week on Marijuana Media on 95bFM, with your hosts Jonny from bFM Drive and Chris Fowlie from The Hempstore.


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Nationwide poll shows majority want cannabis laws relaxed

The Northland Age reported a new poll showing a whopping 93.2 per cent of votes in favour of relaxing cannabis laws in Aotearoa New Zealand. More than 2000 people took part in the poll run by Far North cannabis startup Te Hiku Cannabis. Of those who wanted the law changed, 64.2 per cent voting for legalisation, 35.3 per cent for decriminalisation and the remaining 0.5 per cent said they were unsure.

Respondents were also asked if cannabis was made legal should convictions be wiped for minor cannabis offences. 89.9 per cent voted yes, with around 7 per cent voting no and the remaining ‘unsure’. This poll was self-selected and not weighted for demographics. It comes as the INCB, a UN body, says legalsing cannabis fails to address health risks. But they would say that. They also called for easier access to opioids and fentanyl, so go figure.

Poo-sniffing reveals NZ’s drug capitals – but can’t detect cannabis

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